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January, 17 2017
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Apps that track your progress are all the rage. From wearable fitness to apps that gauge your sleeping habits, there’s a piece of software out there to measure how you’re doing compared to a certain goal or parameter. 

While some people feel these apps are intrusive, many applications have created incentives that help people get over the fear of being watched and benefit their users in the long run. There are apps that pay you to exercise or ones that donate money to philanthropic causes based on how many miles you run. 

Why shouldn't the association world have its equivalent? That's what prompted us to team up with the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) to develop The ASAE Small Steps mobile app which tracks the movement of users at conferences and meetings. The app solicits sponsors to donate a specified amount to ASAE per distance walked by meeting attendees. In return for sponsorship, sponsors can post messages in the background of the app to advertise their products. The app has both an iPhone and Android version available.

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Why create the ASAE Small Steps app?

ASAE saw that many attendees at conferences were using pedometers, Fitbits, and other exercise apps on their smartphones to track their steps as they traversed across large convention centers and exhibition halls. So why not have all that tracking serve a greater purpose?

Teaming up with ASAE, we realized that there was a way to make an app that would benefit the association community at large. We saw three groups with different desires, and we created a solution to address each need.

1. Conference attendees wanted to track their fitness progress.

2. ASAE wanted to increase its fundraising efforts

3. Sponsors wanted greater visibility for their products.

Why not create an app that allows all three groups to get what they want? Increasingly, apps are designed with the idea of helping whole groups of people and serving a communal purpose. City governments are creating applications to provide public services to their citizens more effectively. Classes are taught specifically to help young people learn how to create apps to help their local communities.

More than ever, associations can use applications to solve both internal issues and problems their members face. Think about ways technology can help benefit your own association community. We bet you can think of a lot of ways having an app could simplify your processes and save you time. The ASAE Small Steps app shows that by working together, small acts can help move the association community forward. 

In the digital age, apps can make your life a whole lot easier. IT's always an added bonus when they can do a little bit of good, too.


We created this app using our Design First Approach. For more information regarding our process, check out this eBook.

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