Why Custom Software for Management is Vital for Data

February, 22 2017
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Why Custom Software for Management is Vital for Data Analysis

Without custom software, your team may not be able to accurately analyze member data. This can lead to ineffective management strategies and frustration between departments as they struggle to work off of common data. To combat that, Radolo offers custom software solutions for associations to accurately analyze membership information.

When building custom software for marketing managers, we always keep in mind who our buyer is. For member-based organizations, the membership and marketing managers perhaps derive the most important value from our custom applications.  So, let’s discuss what these managers are looking for in custom software.

Who are our Buyer Personas?

While buyer personas often reflect demographic information, at Radolo we focus more on what goals and challenges a department may have. Focusing on what kind of data different managers can best use enables us to go above and beyond for our clients.

We strive to understand our buyer so we are able to build the best platform for them. Assisting managers in capturing their data is important to us because it helps them make more informed decisions. Having evidence based statistics and graphs are important to marketing and membership managers, and thus important to us! 

What does our buyer want?

The buyer of our services is going to be detailed oriented. While the manager is very focused on providing content in a clear and concise way to the members, the true value comes in the data analysis of content and members.

Developing relationships with members is vital to the survival of an organization, but it's virtually impossible without a reliable data source. Creating solutions that allow the consolidation of member data, allows managers to better monitor and analyze everything from registration, dues, events and more.

Being able to track these metrics gives a manager insight into how well their organization is doing.

So how do we provide metrics that are useful?

Membership managers measure success in many different ways. Some of which include:

custom software 

By developing custom software for each organization, we are able to cater specifically to the needs of that organization and the software platforms they use. Having data that is updated across platforms gives the manager an easy way to spot, analyze and report trends to their superiors and even the board. Metrics that are most valuable to a manager are of course subjective and are well defined during our onboarding process.

If you want to know more about our onboarding process, and what metrics are right for your organization, click below to chat with our team!




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