01/ 17/ 2017

ASAE Small Steps - The App That Benefited Everyone

Apps that track your progress are all the rage. From wearable fitness to apps that gauge your sleeping habits, there’s a piece of software out there to measure how you’re doing compared to a certain goal or parameter. 

While some people feel...

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01/ 06/ 2017

Renewing Member Fees Should be as Painless as Possible

Many association professionals are seeing lower and lower rates of retention from their existing members. Sometimes this is because organizations choose to focus on recruitment rather than retention, but in other cases, the membership renewal...

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12/ 20/ 2016

Would you Build a House without a Blueprint?

Part of the Radolo process whenever we build a custom application is to begin with what we call discovery. The purpose of discovery is to define what needs to be built and how it will work. During this process we dig deep, defining requirements...

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12/ 16/ 2016

3 Benefits of the Cloud


In the past few years the Cloud has become one of the most overused buzzwords in the tech world. Everyone is talking about it, but what does it actually mean? Essentially, the Cloud is just a server hosted virtually. Or in other words, the...

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12/ 07/ 2016

Why We Should All Expect Fixed-Cost

In most businesses, the customer has a pretty good idea what they’re getting and how much it will cost. This allows the individual to value the product versus the cost and make a rational decision about whether or not to go forward with the...

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12/ 01/ 2016

Testing User Experience (On Members - Not Staff!)

You want to provide the best experience for your association's members. we get that. That's why you've invested in products, people, and services that will wow them. But often, association executives test out new ideas and software on themselves...

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11/ 16/ 2016

Software Provider Comparison

As technology becomes a bigger part of all businesses, the issue facing managers is moving from “do we need software?” to “how do we get software?” It is no longer a choice, managers have to find ways to do more with less and having the right...

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11/ 15/ 2016

Let's Get it Working First: 3 Reasons to Build Apps in Steps

Creating a new application is an exciting process where almost anything is possible. The decision to create an application is often driven by a single purpose, but as the requirements are put together more and more ideas are thrown into the pot....

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