Renewing Member Fees Online Should be as Painless as Possible

March, 09 2017
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Renewing Member Fees Online: Painless and Simple

Many association professionals are seeing lower and lower rates of retention from their existing members. Sometimes this is because organizations choose to focus on recruitment rather than retention, but in other cases, the membership renewal process itself deters members from coming back.

You want your members to come back. While some associations prioritize new-member acquisition and recruitment strategies over retention, research shows that retention leads to higher revenue overall.

renewing member fees

How can we get our members to renew?

Make renewal as easy as possible. Often, members fall off the face fo the earth for reasons that you could easily solve, like when the process to pay member fees is too lengthy or complicated.

Your members are busy. They often hold demanding jobs and have active personal lives. Renewing their membership is not their highest priority. If the process is convoluted or time-consuming, they'll often allow it to go by the wayside.

Think about how your association handles renewals.

For example, some associations still force members to renew their membership and send dues through U.S. mail. Others require their members to contact local chapter representatives to pay dues and assorted fees. Do your members have to go through convoluted channels to renew their membership?

In this age, you need to adapt. A seamless dues-paying process allows your members to renew quickly and painlessly. By simplifying the process, you show your members that you understand their needs, and that you want to make their membership in the association an incredible value to them, rather than a burden. With a clear and fast renewal process, you ultimately increase the number of people renewing.

How can my association adapt?

As you've probably seen, many types of technology have emerged to solve problems in the association and non-profit space. Maybe your association uses an association management system, membershp database, or online community.

These forms of technology are designed to facilitate your association's existing processes, improving efficiency and boosting member satisfaction. More than ever, organizations are using software to solve age-old problems and modernize their procedures.

As this old iPhone commercial claims, "There's an app for that." Pretty much any problem you have, an app development company can devise a solution to help you.

Consider using technology to improve your membership renewal process. Several associations have employed custom applications which allow members to pay dues directly through an automated process in the app. One-clickdone. Your members have renewed, and they'll get to enjoy the benefits of your organization for the next year to come. Even without a custom application, consider simplifying your renewal process as much as you can.

Assess your previous renewal strategies to see what's working and what isn't. Try to cut out any unnecessary parts of your member renewal procedure to give your members the best experience possible. Make it easy for your members to renew, and you'll make it easy on yourself to retain them.

Looking to leverage technology for a seamless renewal process for your membershp? Let's chat!


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