The Power One-Click Ordering Has on Your Bottom Line

January, 31 2017
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People like convenience. Today, many products are specifically-designed to improve the user experience and make people's lives easier. Convenience-focused pieces of technology range from smart-kitchen devices that let you view your fridge's contents while you shop for groceries to robotic vacuum cleaners owners can activate to start cleaning their houses with the touch of an app. 

When it comes to online shopping, e-commerce giant Amazon is often credited with designing its platform explicitly to appeal to its users' desire for convenience.

Research shows that Amazon's one-click ordering process has likely netted them billions of dollars. With one-click ordering, customers submit their initial contact, payment, and shipping information the first time they place an order, and Amazon stores their info for future purchases. Once the information has been collected, one-click ordering means that you can literally order products with the click of a button.

What does this mean? Amazon has been able to eliminate one of the biggest barriers that prevents customers from making purchases - too many steps in the process. Now, customers don't even need to reach for their wallets to shop efficiently and get items delivered right to their door. The shopping experience has been simplified, which encourages more customers to buy, increasing Amazon's conversion rate.

When we created a mockup of a custom app for the New Orleans Fish House, a wholesaler which supplies fresh seafood to restaurants around the country, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for their users to get what they needed. That's why we incorporated one-click re-ordering, so chefs could quickly order the seafood they needed and focus more of their time on the actual cooking.

As you can tell from visiting almsot any online shopping or e-commerce platform, Amazon no longer has a hold on one-click ordering, as many businesses have incorporated this innovation into their own websites and applications. Pretty much any online shopping cart uses one-click ordering because of how easy it is to implement it. The code behind it is pretty simple, as outlined in this guide.

You can also use the same type of code described above to save information on your association's members. For instance, you can store their previous payment information to make the membership renewal easier. Wouldn't it be great if your members could pay their dues in a single click?

When it comes to using software to help your members, why stop there? With mobile purchasing on the rise, brainstorm other ways to simplify your processes and make your members' lives easier. Think about what parts of your website, products, and processes might be confusing to the average person. If you can't figure out your friction points on your own, then run a user test on your organizations' members

One-click ordering revolutionized the online retail business. No matter what industry your organization operates in, you can always make changes to innovate and upgrade. Inventors are consistently working to create technology to improve our productivity and efficiency while enabling convenience. Need to look up an important piece of information? No need for an encyclopedia or textbook when internet-accessible smartphones, tablets, and computers are abundant. With modern forms of communication, you can talk to people across the globe instantaneously without even getting out of your chair.

The takeaway of one-click ordering's success story is that when you make your users' lives easier. they appreciate it, and your company benefits. When the process is simple, people are more likely to buy, or in an association's case -- renew their membership -- earning you higher profits in the end. 

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