Boost Conversions with These 2017 User Experience Trends

March, 10 2017
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Boost Conversions with These 2017 User Experience Trends

What is User Experience?

User experience is defined by Nielsen Norman Group as:

“All aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

At Radolo, we believe website or mobile application should first and foremost provide value to its users by fulfilling their exact needs. A program may have a simple and easy to use interface, but if it does not fulfill direct consumer need, it is rendered useless.

That’s why at Radolo, our onboarding phase is essential to make sure we develop the right value for your users.

User experience relates to everything from providing the right content, being easy to learn, efficient to use, pleasant to the eye. There must be a seamless interaction of all functions of engineering, graphics and interface design.

So, what have we noticed is changing in 2017? Below we list three trends we see in regards to user experience in the coming months.

3 Ways UX is Changing in 2017

1 Artificial Intelligence

AI in design is rapidly developing part of user experience. AI in UX is the intelligent machine learning that allows your platform to learn from its users and then provide the best information to them.

This could mean:

Uniquely curated content

Advanced problem solving

Assisting with tasks

“Did you know that 41% of people feel overwhelmed by the choices on on the web” -Marketing Profs

With AI, there can be a higher chance that your users are delivered the right content for them. The learning process of AI allows for a more unique relationship with a platform. This unique relationship adds value to your platform, and hopefully delivers more engagement as well. While AI is still in its primal phases, it will begin to develop rapidly in the coming years, so now is the time to get familiar with how it provides value. For example, if a user clicks on a piece of content on your blog, when they return to the homepage, blog posts on similar topics will automatically populate.

boost conversions 2017 user experience trends

2 Chatbots

Chatbots are a huge opportunity in the coming year. They provide a platform experience that is different than most other advanced systems. So much time at work is spent reading emails and on messaging platforms.

So, what are chatbots?

Chatbots are a service that is tied in with artificial intelligence that provides a chat interface similar to what we are already used to with email and messaging platforms. Chatbots are similar to phone automation. When you call a line and they say, for sales press one, for services press two, for operations press three….that is called a phone tree. With chatbots, you have the same tree, but it is more human, and thus people will be more likely to use them.

Chatbots helps to maintain a stronger connection with users of your website or platform. It creates more of a retail sales experience, or one to one relationship.

boost conversions 2017 user experience trends


3 Mobile

While mobile thinking has been around for a while, here we dive a bit deeper into why people are not just thinking mobile-first, but mobile-only.

People carry their cell phones with them everywhere and at every hour of the day. Being able to connect an organization or an association with people at their convenience in terms of both location and usage time is important when looking to create a platform that people actually use. User engagement is not just one program or application, or event.

Engagement is an ongoing process that overtime snowballs into a stronger and stronger bond.

Being able to provide value, consistently over time is what drives this engagement. Imagine your company’s engagement strategy involves building one mobile app per year that helps your community micromanage a particular part of their job.


For Example:

Perhaps you are a condominium association and you build a simple platform that reminds condo owners to pay rent. Maybe this platform can connect directly to their bank account and they can choose an option to auto pay each month. This will help keep accounting books in order and improve efficiency.

As we move away from desktop, travel more, and have the accessibility of cellphones in almost any location, mobile only apps will be essential to driving a greater experience.

boost conversions 2017 user experience trends


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